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Joy Piepenhagen reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

They don't just teach your children moves, they teach them values. They teach them to respect others as well as themselves. They learn to accept others as they are and just get along together. It's a beautiful thing to watch!

Yamo Shaiosario reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

Get your children involved and will be and have a good time and learn something I found a my son Emanuel that's very well focusing and learning new thing and we encouraged him to do well and focus in and he learned something new an fantastic and he getting a lot of confidence himself it is awesome the teachers and Trusted instructors from there he meets new friends quality people and he's not sitting in front of the TV all day he's moving he's getting himself prepare for the future he feels great an fantastic inside and out he also love to move up in belts and weapon. Great place to grow with Thank you Black Belt Karate Studio.

Melissa Marie Haag reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

My daughter and I have been looking for something to do together and this seems to be it. We went in on Monday to check things out and by Wednesday we were in class. I have severe anxiety to the point where I rarely leave my house and I managed to get through a class with people I don't know doing something I've never done before. That is a miracle, not typical of me at all, I felt pretty comfortable and think karate may be my escape.

Tina Engel-Schingeck reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

My daughter had very low self-esteem, this has changed her so much, she has grown so much. The price seemed high to me at first but seeing her self-esteem and self confidence improve makes it so worth it. The instructors are great with the kids and they have a way with all the kids. I would say please try it. We have recommended many of her friends and they are now a part of class and love it as well. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Tressa Stein reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

Fantastic Instructors that relate from the youngest to the oldest. Teach skills clearly and patiently and makes sure each individual "gets it"!
Solid mix of humor and ability and smarts make every instructor heresolid role models to have in life.
My child was not terribly flexible or graceful, now he can hold stance and do 20 solid kicks +, endurance is amazing and he feels STRONG, while understanding clearly that Karate is an Art and for Self-Defense, not to just kick someones butt.
Can't say enough about how great they are!!!!

Rheanna Rasico reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

This studio has been a wonderful experience all around. Stimulating in both physical and mental capacity with fun instructors and a support system to help you achieve your belt goals. Even on days where I just feel unmotivated to attend class, I always leave with a better attitude and more energy. Love it!

Sarah Saad reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

As someone on a budget, I know that the number one reason some parents may cringe at the packages is the cost. But in all honesty, it is the BEST INVESTMENT you are making and you definitely get your money's worth. The Senseis are amazing, compassionate, and not only teachers but role models to the kids. They are genuinely interested in your family's life, not just in your child's karate lessons; they are involved with the kid's teachers and with the parents to foster a balanced goal plan for the kids. Studio is always clean & someone is always accessible whether at the studio or by phone. We really see the benefits & love going to BBKS!

Jessica Davis reviewed Black Belt Karate Studio
via Facebook

My son does classes there and had his birthday party today with you....all the kids had such a great time!!!!!!

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Our latest news & thoughts

How BBKS is Preparing for Coronavirus & COVID19

Dear Black Belt Karate Studio Families,

We all have a new heightened awareness that the Coronavirus has made its presence known in our state, and we would like to address any fears that may begin to develop regarding the environment we now find ourselves in. We are keeping abreast of the developing situation and will swiftly modify training as needed to ensure every BBKS family is comfortable that we are taking this situation seriously.

We are 100% committed to ensuring BBKS remains a safe training environment.

What are we doing ?

Hand Sanitizers will be available at our entrances. We are currently sourcing the sanitizers. Once we have them onsite we will ask that you use them upon entry to BBKS. Carrying your own sanitizer would be very helpful. Get in the habit of using sanitizer after you enter BBKS.

Effective immediately we are asking that EVERY STUDENT washes their hands BEFORE coming to class. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you forget to wash your hands before you come in you can use the bathroom to wash your hands before entering the mat.

All drills and activities will be modified to Limited to No Contact”. Students will have limited to no contact with others during class. We will now give “air high fives and fist bumps” vs making contact. These changes will require a class or two to get everyone focused on a new way of training. Please be patient as we work to modify drills, etc. We do not want students to be fearful of anything, but we do want everyone to do their best to keep everyone healthy.

All door handles will be frequently wiped down during class times. All chairs and surfaces will be wiped every day before classes. The mats will continue to be sanitized daily. Feel free to bring your own wipes to wipe your chair if you feel you need that protection as well.

Any student or family member inside BBKS who shows ANY signs of illness will be asked to leave and return when they are 100% healthy. We need ALL of you to respect our efforts to keep EVERYONE healthy. Please help us by doing your part.

We will begin adding discussion during your class mat chat that will support our efforts to keep everyone focused and healthy. We will be reminding students to wash their hands frequently. We will be reminding everyone to stay home if they feel even a little bit ill. We will also be discussing the need to be compassionate and not seek to single anyone out who might appear to be ill.

This isn’t new, but not something we have ever felt the need to discuss with our BBKS family, until now.

The health and safety of our entire team and student family remains a TOP priority for us. Some of the above may seem extreme, but we want everyone to feel safe to train without any concern that we are not doing everything we can to ensure our BBKS family life continues in its normal rhythm.

Please speak to your children about why some of the new changes are happening. As parents, you are best suited to have age appropriate discussions with your kids about what our community is currently facing with the arrival of a new viral strain creating so much concern in our community and around the world.

While we are presently continuing to hold in-person classes, we will make modifications down the road if necessary.  We are working towards putting in place virtual & online classes for you to take at home if needed.  This will give you the ability to still take class while at home, earn attendance stripes, test & graduate to your next rank if we need to temporarily close.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep everyone healthy and focused on their martial arts journey with us.

-Your Team at Black Belt Karate Studio